Australia is gone


TOO is closing comments

by Pat Hannagan

The following is a recent comment at Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer:

Pierre de Craon: Well said.

Is Sanjay the official spokesman of Occidental Observer?

If not, could Kevin MacDonald please explain the recent change in policy towards commenting on articles?

At first I thought that the closed threads were due to some internet attack but I see that the latest post “Frank Salter on Race and Nation in Australia” is closed to comments.

I have some things I would like to say with regard Mr Salter’s series and some of the points he raises but am unable due to the new policy.

Of course, it is the blog owner’s prerogative to close comments but it would be very much appreciated to have an explanation of the change in policy.

Are we being induced, as Sanjay suggests, to formulate our comments into essays and submit them to OO [The Occidental Observer] for approval? If so, I haven’t seen anywhere on the blog a like instruction to do so.

Mr MacDonald closes that essay stating: “The fact that Quadrant was willing to publish this work by a highly qualified academic in a mainstream conservative publication is a huge blow in the opposite direction.”

Perhaps, but mostly not. Australia is rapidly being shutdown in terms of any “free speech” that is not in full concordance with the ruling media and political dynasty of communist anti-Western/anti-White policy and propaganda.

We have the media inquiry instigated by Labor PM Ms Gillard, driven by the appointed Jew Mr Ray Finkelstein QC. (link)

We have NSW “conservative” Premier Mr O’Farrell “…who is concerned there have been no successful criminal prosecutions in the history of the NSW laws and that they have fallen out of step with community expectations.”, now demanding an “inquiry that will consider strengthening anti-discrimination laws to make it easier to convict people for serious racial vilification.

Note well: The inquiry has been welcomed by the president of the Anti-Discrimination Board, Stepan Kerkyasharian, as “a great opportunity to deal with this matter”.

Mr Kerkyasharian is, of course, a Jew. (link)

As is the Chairman of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, Mr John Searle.

It is illegal in Australia to point out what I have above, that certain drivers of anti-discrimination legislation and proponents of racial vilification laws in Australia are Jews.

The prominent neoconservative opinion writer Andrew Bolt, himself a lover of Israel and all things Jewish, was himself set upon by a coterie of Jews and taken to court for “hate speech” towards Aboriginals.

You can read about that also in Quadrant, and note all the Jews who orchestrated the campaign against him, as well as the aforementioned Justice Finkelstein. But, Bolt will never note that the Jews, on the whole, despise and revile him – he loves them! (link)

Furthermore, it is illegal to do so in Australia.

That is why it is important that blogs such as Occidental Observer, administered out of the U.S.A. continue to allow comments.

You cannot rely on Australia to lead anything. Our bi-party system is in lock-step to shutdown White Australia, and criminalise White Australians.

Please reconsider your comment’s policy Mr MacDonald, or, at the least, explain why it has been implemented.

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  1. Good on you Pat

    I was looking forward to the always lively commentary on TOO and shocked when scrolling down to see comments are closed. Quite a disappointment.

  2. Well done FSalter . The missing piece in the puzzle is International FreeMasonary and the NWO . These Masons also backed the USSR(which is why we hear nothing of that evil history) and they are doing the same with multiculturalism . Its the brotherhood of man and anyone not into the brotherhood of mankind is obviously an enemy of mankind . So simple !
    So the white man is now blessed with having to maintain 1st world conditions for third world IQ’s , Hey its not their fault if their dumb . And of course its not , had who said it was ? The fact is they will never be able to run a 1st world country (SAfrica anyone ? Which incidentally is given constant good press in Aust media despite the reality on ground) so for some reason they want to live in ours ? The world is in a mess due to the resolution of WW2 .
    It might be Leftist Jews that are the point-men of this operation but the army is Masonic to the core .

  3. Fair comment.

    I await “Mr” (Professor) MacDonalds response with interest. I won’t be the first to put down one who, with the greatest of courage and self-sacrifice, so valiantly serves the European peoples and through them, all nations.

    You are right about the direction of public comment in Australia. Today I left the TV on at the ABC and subliminally experienced a constant barrage of put-down in the service of NWO Multiculturalism.

  4. Oh, like other posters here, I am an Australian who has been coming too TOO for over a year now. TOO has been like a tiny island in a hostile sea for me, because as rightly pointed out, I do not have the same freedom that my United States brothers and sister have. I am really quite devastated to be excluded from commenting on this important article about my country and its people. Why Professor Macdonald? Why? Please pay us the courtesy of a an explanation.

  5. In defense of Andrew Bolt, I would say he’s well aware that even a hint of criticism against Jews or Israel would shut him right out and that would be a dumb move for a smart bloke like him.

  6. When one reaches the point of realisation of the seemingly impossible situation we are all in ,which can only be understood through the understanding of what has really happened to us and those around us are still asleep? perhaps what is going to occur will wake everybody up,but I am afraid it will be to late.

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